Hello, thanks for taking a look at my portfolio. My name is Lauren St. Clair and I am a digital artist from Seattle, Washington.

I have currently completed my Associates Degree in Digital Media Arts from Bellevue College (Class of 2017), where I focused mostly in concept design, illustration, and graphic design for video games and film. My main goal is to continue working on art to improve, since you're never quite done learning. In 2012 I graduated from Hazen High School where I was the Editor in Chief of the Yearbook my senior year. My book went on to win an award for being in the top 10% of yearbooks in the U.S and I also received an award for Journalism Excellence that same year.

Then I went to the Art Institute of Seattle where I focused on graphic design before switching majors and schools where I continued at Bellevue College under Digital Media Arts for a more varying degree where I focused on some graphic design, but mostly illustration and concept art.

I currently do freelance graphic design and illustrations aside from working a part time job.

You can find me on ArtStationLinkedIn, and The Art Posse. Thanks for taking a look!